AST 3.0 & AMP 9.1: What's New

Release Details

Date/Time: August 4th, 2017 at 9:00 pm ET (1:00am GMT)
Outage: Up to 6 hours

Products & Features

Macro Recording and Playback

Until now automated testing in AMP has been limited to static pages. With the macro recording and playback feature you can now more fully test pages behind a login, dynamic sites, and single-page sites. Simply record one or more scripts in which you interact with a web page (e.g., login to an application) using the Macro Recording feature in Access Assistant. Then, when creating an automated test in AMP, select the macros that should be run before their associated page is tested. Read more about this feature in the Macro Recording articles.

Thank you to all of our customers who gave us feedback and helped us with the design for this long-awaited feature.

ACCESS Assistant Preview Modes

Manual testing can be labor-intensive, but Preview Modes will change that. Preview modes allow testers to easily navigate through relevant information about a page, without viewing the source code, For example, view all heading elements on the page and their heading level to easily determine whether headings are being used appropriately. Read more about Preview Modes.

Thumbnail Capture

Earlier versions of the Access Assistant toolbar did not yet include automatic thumbnail capture of modules. In this most recent version of Access Assistant thumbnails will automatically be captured when the associated module is captured – whether the module is a full page or a node.

iFrame Testing

Users are now able to test the contents of an iFrame by capturing the iFrame as a module with Access Assistant. When this is done, the contents of the iFrame will be tested and included in the module test results.

For more details on features and defect resolutions included in this release, review the attached Detailed Release Notes:





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