AMP 9.0: Release Overview

Release Details

Date/Time: July 14, 2017 at 9:00 pm ET (1:00am GMT)
Outage: Up to 6 hours

Products & Features

A Revolution in Automated Testing

We are excited to introduce Access Engine, our new and improved testing library, finally available to all AMP users. This powerful automated testing engine now features state-of-the-art accessibility testing across all our cutting-edge products, ensuring the same accurate and clear results no matter which one you use.

Get Ready for a Super-Charged Engine

With Access Engine, all our automated tests have been rewritten and updated to give an unmatched testing experience - the best there is. a

  • Improved Accuracy: The updated, JavaScript-based library means more instant, automatic identification of violations
  • Streamlined Testing: We've refined many of our existing tests to eliminate any redundancy and produce an even sharper picture
  • Enhanced Insight: New tests have been added and rewritten to include more detailed descriptions of the violations
  • Expanded Guidance: We've added more insight into the details of violations regarding the code. Programmers and non-programmers alike can now review and understand testing results
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