Firewall and Filter Exclusions

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To ensure your organization has a seamless experience with Level Access’ Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) and related services, it is recommended to verify connectivity to our cloud services to mitigate the impact of any traffic filtering rules that may be implemented on your firewalls or related security devices.

Please use the following information to validate connectivity and make the necessary configuration changes:

Outbound connectivity TO our Cloud services from your internal network

Used when connecting to our SaaS platform via end-user desktop browser, browser extensions, or from Continuum when sending results back to AMP.

Inbound connectivity FROM our Cloud services into your network

Used only when allowing our cloud-based spiders access to services within your DMZ, or when connecting our AMP product with your internal Jira or other ticketing platform.

IP Addresses to whitelist:

Commercial FSLT Elevin



Inbound connectivity FROM our Enterprise services into your network

If you have a services engagement that requires additional IP or VPN whitelisting, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

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