AMP 8.1: What's New

ACCESS Assistant Updates

We have released a few patches to Access Assistant to fix some defects and performance issues. Additionally, the Internet Explorer 11 version of Access Assistant was released in the past few weeks. Stay tuned for an announcement coming soon about the Access Assistant 2.1 release.

Customizable Password Policy

Enterprise AMP customers can now customize the password policy for their AMP instance. Customization options include:

  • Minimum password length
  • Password duration, including the number of historical passwords that are prevented from usage
  • Password formation rules

Section 508 Refresh Standards

In AMP 8.0 features were added to support the Section 508 refresh standards, which include the concept of “reference standards.” In AMP, reference standards can be created to reference another standard in AMP. When this is done, automated testing will use tests associated with referenced standards when applicable, and referenced standards will be displayed with the standards that are referencing them so AMP users can see the relevant tests. The SSB Accessibility Services team has been performing audits against the Section 508 refresh standards for months, and now you can also test against them.

Attention Self-Hosted AMP Customers! 

It’s upgrade time. The AMP 8.0 release included many infrastructure improvements specifically for our customers who are hosting AMP on premise, as well as a new toolbar and other critical improvements and bug fixes. We have ironed out the kinks in the past several weeks, and now is the time to upgrade to AMP 8.1, which includes all of the bug fixes and other improvements to stabilize AMP 8.x. If you have already let us know you want to upgrade, we will be reaching out to you to get the process started immediately. For everyone else, please reach out to AMP Support at to schedule your upgrade.


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