Session 5 - AMP Reports

In the final installment of SSB BART Group’s New User Orientation, participants will look at key sections of the AMP report. After an initial overview of typical report structure, time will be spent walking through how you can leverage available data and take action as you work to craft a more accessible digital footprint.


  • Navigate to the report dashboard.
  • Configure your dashboard through the Action Icons.
  • Review of the Compliance Section in an AMP Report.
  • Explore the Modules Section in an AMP Report.
  • Violations Instances View in an AMP Report.

  • Extension Activities
    1. Configure a report dashboard so that it contains the following widgets:
    2. Total Compliance, Compliance Health by Ruleset, Top Issues, Violation Severity Metrics, Report Info
    3. Explore the Compliance section of an AMP report and identify any areas with a compliance rate below 100%.
    4. Add a module to the “Report Modules” section of an AMP report by selecting the appropriate action icon.
    5. Export the Violations Instances into an Excel file.
  • Relevant Support Articles
    1. Report Overview
    2. Document Inventory
    3. Compliance Section
    4. Modules Section
    5. Report Violations Section
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