Session 2 - Navigation

As part of this training session, participants will learn several tips and tricks to help them efficiently navigate throughout the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP). Building off the content provided in Session One, time is spent exploring the various layers of AMP as well as well as different configuration options that allow users to customize accounts to fit their needs.

  • Agenda
    1. Review the primary navigation tabs.
    2. Introduction to the secondary navigation bar in AMP.
    3. Explore Action-Icons at the organization, project, and report levels.
    4. Add and remove widgets from your dashboard

  • Extension Activities:
    1. Review the preferences for you AMP account and ensure you are receiving emails for all updates from SSB BART Group.
    2. Add and remove widgets to your dashboard’s homepage.
    3. Explore different action icons at the organization, project, and report levels.
  • Relevant Support Articles
    1. AMP Dashboard Configuration
    2. AMP Widgets
    3. AMP Bookmarks
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