Automated Testing in Access Assistant

NOTE to Assistive Technology Users: Access Assistant can be opened with the hotkey combination Ctr+Shift+Space.

Testing a Page

Automated testing is completed automatically when opening a module in the toolbar. To initiate automated testing of a page, simply capture the page as a module then select the module link in the toolbar. The module will be tested at that time, and violations will be displayed on the subsequent screen in the "Confirmed Violations" tab. This tab will display the total number of violations in parentheses after the tab title.

If changes have made to a page that was previously tested, the page can be retested to update the violations in the report. Note that retesting is only possible for pages. Nodes that have been captured as modules cannot be retested at this time (but will be possible in a future release).

When testing a page, Access Assistant will display two categories of test results:

  1. Automatics: These are violations that are found via fully automatic tests.
  2. Guided Automatics: These are potential violations that will be in a "Needs Review" state, requiring a tester to evaluate them and determine whether they should be passed or failed.

Once you've tested, you can also highlight the element on the page which has the issue by choosing the 'edit' (visually, it looks like a pencil icon) icon; this will shift focus to the element and highlight it for you. 

Evaluating Guided Automatics

When a module is opened, the tester must select the "Needs Review" tab to view all guided automatics that require evaluation. The tab will display the total number of violation candidates that need review in parentheses after the tab title. For detailed instructions on evaluating guided automatics, review the "Evaluating Guided Automatics" article.

Retesting a Page

Users have two options when retesting a page:

  1. Overwriting all existing test results
  2. Adding new violations to existing test results

Retest menu

To retest a page:

  1. Open the module in Access Assistant.
  2. Select one of the two retest button menu options:
    1. Add
    2. Overwrite


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